Iranian Chai
Black tea from Iran, blended with spices, flower petals, and saffron.

Floral, fragrant, Iranian chai. A bright infusion of saffron adds a pinch of magic to your cup, brimming with a bouquet of lavender and hibiscus. Cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves keep this chai blend grounded.

A “pari” is a fairy-like spirit in Persian folklore: hidden from sight, and only visible to those who seek it.

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The Chai Collection.

We source our teas from small, independent farms, so you know they’re grown with care. We fill them with the familiar, nostalgic spices of our childhood, carefully balanced to honour the character of the original tea. Our chai blends celebrate the lands they come from, and all the stories therein.

Iran is often overlooked as a source for tea; however, it is highly regarded by those who are familiar with its magic. Iranian tea is famously flavourful, requiring no sugar or milk to achieve sweetness.

Tea culture in Iran began in the 15th century, as a natural consequence of its proximity to China, along the major trading route for spices and silk. Tea trade became economical than coffee, whose major producers were further away. As demand increased, tea plants were introduced to the country, and Iran began its own tea production.

The base tea for our PARISA blend comes from a hillside farm in the region of Gilan, bordering the Caspian Sea. Infused with florals and saffron, all sourced within Iran, this blend showcases the brilliance of Persian tea and its local flavours.

✔ Ethically-sourced. ✔ Hand-crafted. ✔ Natural. ✔ Single-origin tea. ✔ Blended with intention.

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