Darjeeling Chai
Single-origin black tea from Darjeeling, with a hint of spice.

Growing high upon the mountains, Darjeeling tea is famously delicate and nuanced — much less common as a base for chai. Honouring the superb natural flavour of this luxury tea, we keep it simple: star anise, green cardamom, and cracked peppercorns add a gentle kick of spice.

Illusory and ephemeral as its meaning, MAYA is a tea that implies that not all is as it seems.

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The Chai Collection.

We source our teas from small, independent farms, so you know they’re grown with care. We fill them with the familiar, nostalgic spices of our childhood, carefully balanced to honour the character of the original tea. Our chai blends celebrate the lands they come from, and all the stories therein.

Darjeeling tea is well-known for its unique and nuanced character, as it is commonly described as “the champagne of tea.” Much like a fine wine, a high-quality tea is influenced by factors such as region, climate, terroir, and production style.

The tea base for MAYA comes from a small farm in Darjeeling, grown at an altitude of 2000 meters, which results in a refreshingly light and flowery tea. Hand-crafted by its growers, and harvested in the “first flush” (or, the most prized spring harvest season) of 2017, the leaves are of high grade, and are quite exceptional without the addition of milk or sugar.

So as to not overpower the character of the original leaves, a careful balance of spices lightly enhances the flavour, adding an extra level of depth to this luxury tea.

✔ Ethically-sourced. ✔ Hand-crafted. ✔ Organic. ✔ Natural. ✔ Single-origin tea. ✔ Blended with intention.

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