Assam Chai
Single-origin black tea from Assam, blended with chai spices.

Our original Assam chai. Full-bodied, yet bright and airy, a warm mixture of classic spices work in harmony with this hand-crafted tea from artisanal growers in the Assam region. The base tea is robust and malty, with molasses-like notes, resulting in a storied blend of flavours.

KAHANI is the Hindi word for “story,” and like its name, a memorable tale should always leave the reader — or the tea-drinker — wanting more.

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The Chai Collection.

We source our teas from small, independent farms, so you know they’re grown with care. We fill them with the familiar, nostalgic spices of our childhood, carefully balanced to honour the character of the original tea. Our chai blends celebrate the lands they come from, and all the stories therein.

The Assam region is practically synonymous with black tea. Its tea plants were originally of a varietal native to the region; however, while India was under British influence, tea plants from China were introduced to the region in order to create a more affordable product to ship to England. This displacement resulted in the hybrid that grows in Assam today.

Assam tea is typically bold and bright, making it an ideal base for many blends of tea. The base for our KAHANI chai is sourced from a small tea grower in Assam, prepared in the “second flush” summer harvest of 2016. While many teas are prized for their first flush, Assam is valued higher in its second, as the summer harvest tends to produce lighter, sweeter tea with more nuance.

This hand-crafted tea base is organically certified, resulting in a flavourful, malty tea with layers of heady sweetness. An intentional blend of Ayurvedic spices are blended in with intention, making KAHANI our ideal version of a classic chai. This tea needs no milk or sugar to be enjoyed, although it can optionally be added.

✔ Ethically-sourced. ✔ Hand-crafted. ✔ Organic. ✔ Natural. ✔ Single-origin tea. ✔ Blended with intention.

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