Sri Lankan Chai
Black tea with lemongrass, black pepper, and chai spices.

Rich Sri Lankan tea paints a lush landscape of flavour: Vangedi-style processing is perfected with natural hints of brown sugar, malt, and dark chocolate in the leaf, culminating in a bright finish. Additions of lemongrass, black pepper, and spices from the region evoke the flavours of the land.

Sip a chai like no other. As unique as the meaning of its name, ANANYA is a tea that has no equivalent.

Note: Teas grown in Sri Lanka are typically called “Ceylon” — however, due its roots, we choose not to use this word. “British Ceylon” was a colony from 1802-1948. The land is no longer under foreign occupation, and no longer goes by this name.

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The Chai Collection.

We source our teas from small, independent farms, so you know they’re grown with care. We fill them with the familiar, nostalgic spices of our childhood, carefully balanced to honour the character of the original tea. Our chai blends celebrate the lands they come from, and all the stories therein.

Sri Lanka’s history with tea goes back 150 years. Due to its humid climate, the central highlands of Sri Lanka are world-renowned for their tea production, making it a well-known destination for tea-lovers.

The base tea for our ANANYA blend comes from an tea grower in Sri Lanka, located in a small valley near the site of the first “Lipton” tea estate. They are committed to ethical, sustainable practices while crafting their teas: workers earn fair wages for their labour, including a percentage of revenue. The estate also emphasizes environmental responsibility, using all-natural growing methods.

Instead of being rolled or cut by machines, the tea is pounded in a stone mortar. This style of production was once called “stolen tea” because workers would secretly bring home raw leaves from the tea fields. Though the style has existed for years, the process has been perfected by the grower, through a detailed process of testing and recording.

Enhanced with spices that evoke the flavours of the region, ANANYA showcases its origins in a spectacularly nuanced chai blend.

✔ Ethically-sourced. ✔ Hand-crafted. ✔ Sustainably-grown. ✔ Natural. ✔ Single-origin tea. ✔ Blended with intention.

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