Welcome to Teaventures: a Toronto-based tea company with a big heart.

Teaventures started, like all tea companies do, with a love for tea. What intrigued Zen most about tea was discovering all of the stories behind it, from all of the countries and cultures that produce it. The way we share and enjoy tea is about community. It’s about connection. It’s not just a beverage: it’s a way to learn more about the world.

Teaventures wants to take you on a tea adventure. Whether it’s sourcing high-quality teas with unique character, creating blends with depth and intention, or unraveling the exploitation inherent in the tea industry, we are always exploring. We are always aiming for more.

We source our teas from small, independent growers with a commitment to ethics, worker’s rights, and sustainability. We put care into our teas, honouring the lands they come from. We value authenticity. We respect history. We look for stories.

If our story resonates with you, then you, too, are a Teaventurer.

Let’s travel the world in a cup of tea!

This summer, you’ll be able to find our very own tea blends in our online store. For those based in Toronto, we invite you to explore the world of tea at our tea experiences and workshops.

Do you have a tea story of your own? We want to hear all about it!