The CHAI Collection

No masala chai you can buy beats an Indian mother’s tea, hot off the stove. We’ve tried our best, though.

Before the mass-production of black tea was introduced to India, “chai” was an infusion of spices in hot water. Ingredients were balanced for a variety of physical and spiritual health benefits, under the holistic practice of Ayurvedic medicine. Once black tea was added to the mix, it became the “masala chai” (spice + tea) that we know and love today!

In launching Teaventures, we asked ourselves where we wanted to start. The natural answer was: at our own roots. Our launch collection is a celebration of chai blends that span across South Asia and the Middle East, celebrating the story of each one.

To us, chai means love. It’s a reflection of family, community, and tradition.

Chai is comfort.

Chai is home.

We source each base tea from small, independent farms around the world, so you know they’re grown with care. We incorporate the familiar, nostalgic spices of our childhood, carefully balanced to honour the character of each original tea.

Our chai blends celebrate the lands they come from, and all the stories therein.

Experience chai the Teaventures way: ethically-sourced, and blended with intention.