1,001 Nights of Tea

On June 24th, 2017, we launched the first installation of our Tea & Storytelling series.

Originally compiled in the 18th century, 1,001 Nights (Also known as Arabian Nights) represents a storytelling legacy that spans across South Asia and the Middle East. Its oldest stories are of Indian and Persian origin, traded among sailors and storytellers until their first known transcription in Arabic. Over the years, the collection has been adapted across languages and cultures.

Inspired by these tales, we paired stories from 1,001 Nights with notable teas from the regions of their origins. Selections included a high-elevation Darjeeling, an unusual Indian oolong, and a sneak preview of our own Iranian saffron chai.

Whether you’re a tea-lover, or simply tea-curious, Teaventures invites you to explore the world through tea and its stories.

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The story continues!

Event Photography by Ariana Kris.

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