Travel the world in a cup of tea!

We're Teaventures: a tiny tea company with a big heart! Based in Toronto, and inspired by the world, we create tea with intention. Authentic, ethically-sourced, and curated with care, we honour the lands that the produce the teas we offer, and all the stories therein.

Every cup of tea has a story.

Tea is about connection. Whether it’s sharing an experience together, or enjoying a tradition that dates back to dynasties past, tea connects us all: to history, and to each other.


The Chai Collection. Authentic. Ethically-sourced. Blended with intention.


Whether you’re a tea-lover, or simply tea-curious, we invite you to travel the world in a cup of tea.

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Here's what people are saying about our events:

  • “Zen is a phenomenal storyteller and each tea tasting was well-introduced and made with care.
    Highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn more about tea, or expand their tea-drinking palette.”

    Jasmine, Event Attendee
  • “It was something unique and fun to do, and the storytelling was fantastic!”

    Anonymous, Event Attendee
  • “I learned about decolonizing tea and what it means to consume ethically sourced tea.
    It made me think about the history and intention behind something I make a part of my daily ritual.”

    Maleeha, Event Attendee